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This site exists because I'm not a very good Magic player. Really I only play during the prereleases, and I've half-forgotten the rules every time. It takes me forever to build my deck, and my poor friends need to use some of their time to help me out. That's not really cool. So to help me, thank them, and hopefully help others, I present to you my crappy thrown-together-in-a-Saturday-afternoon MtG Card Generator!

Well, I've evolved it considerably since it started. But that's how it started.

The idea is to let it generate, using a hopefully somewhat accurate algorithm, what you're get at a MtG Prerelease event. Then you can take your time, check out the cards, try to remember the rules, and maybe figure out what deck you'd build.

I enjoy building and enhancing this thing, so I'll try to keep doing it for every new set.

Technically these Prereleases use a format called Sealed Deck, where you get 6 packs of sealed boosters, open them, and construct your deck from only those cards.

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12-Nov-2014: This project has now been open sourced on Github. I will continue creating new generators as new sets come out, but if you have something you wish to contribute I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Sealed Deck Generator Sets

SetGenerator Created DatePrerelease DateRelease Date
Shadows over Innistrad Block
Shadows over Innistrad logo Shadows over Innistrad not yet created
Commander 2015 logo Commander 2015 none
Battle for Zendikar Block
Oath of the Gatewatch logo Oath of the Gatewatch
Battle for Zendikar logo Battle for Zendikar
From the Vault: Angels logo From the Vault: Angels none
Magic Origins logo Magic Origins
Modern Masters 2015 logo Modern Masters 2015 none
Tempest Remastered logo Tempest Remastered none
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora logo Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora none
Commander 2014 logo Commander 2014 none
Khans of Tarkir Block
Dragons of Tarkir logo Dragons of Tarkir
Fate Reforged logo Fate Reforged
Khans of Tarkir logo Khans of Tarkir
From The Vault: Annihilation logo From The Vault: Annihilation none
Magic 2015 Core Set logo Magic 2015 Core Set
Vintage Masters logo Vintage Masters
Conspiracy logo Conspiracy none
Theros Block
Journey Into Nyx logo Journey Into Nyx
Born of the Gods logo Born of the Gods
Theros logo Theros
2014 Core Set logo 2014 Core Set
Modern Masters logo Modern Masters none
Return to Ravnica Block
Dragon's Maze logo Dragon's Maze
Gatecrash logo Gatecrash
Return to Ravnica logo Return to Ravnica
Magic 2013 logo Magic 2013
Innistrad Block
Avacyn Restored logo Avacyn Restored
Dark Ascension logo Dark Ascension
Innistrad logo Innistrad
Scars of Mirrodin Block
Scars of Mirrodin logo Scars of Mirrodin
Mirrodin Besieged logo Mirrodin Besieged
New Phyrexia logo New Phyrexia
Zendikar logo Zendikar
Worldwake logo Worldwake
Rise of the Eldrazi logo Rise of the Eldrazi
Unhinged logo Unhinged none
Onslaught Block
Onslaught logo Onslaught none
Legions logo Legions none
Scourge logo Scourge none
Odyssey Block
Odyssey logo Odyssey none
Torment logo Torment none
Judgment logo Judgment none
Masques Block
Mercadian Masques logo Mercadian Masques none
Nemesis logo Nemesis none
Prophecy logo Prophecy none
Urza Block
Urza's Saga logo Urza's Saga none
Urza's Legacy logo Urza's Legacy none
Urza's Destiny logo Urza's Destiny none
Unglued logo Unglued none
Homelands logo Homelands none
Ice Age logo Ice Age none
Fourth Edition logo Fourth Edition none
Fallen Empires logo Fallen Empires none
The Dark logo The Dark none
Legends logo Legends none
Revised Edition logo Revised Edition none
Antiquities logo Antiquities none
Arabian Nights logo Arabian Nights none
Unlimited Edition logo Unlimited Edition none
Limited Edition Beta logo Limited Edition Beta none
Limited Edition Alpha logo Limited Edition Alpha none

Where are the previous sets? I started the generator on Innistrad, so older ones don't exist. I may add them one day. If you have a particular set you really want to see, let me know.